a little about me

I have been cooking and seriously interested in the culinary arts, ever since I can remember; and that’s a very long time. I was a huge fan of my mom’s cooking, as I hope most of you were of yours. Both my mom and grandmother, played an enormous part in my culinary development at a very early age. Though, I do have a fond recollection of being slapped by my mom, for opening the pot albeit, once to many times. (Laughs!) As I grew older, my appetite for culinary knowledge grew and I was soon delving into new and different foods that I have experienced along the way through my many travels through out the world. The journey has been long, and I am only  just getting started. I hope that through this new medium for me at least, I can continue to grow and share my experience as I continue to grow and learn. Lets cook!


2 thoughts on “a little about me”

  1. lorincrosby said:

    Blog, looks so great! I had no idea you were “cooking” this up! lol

    The pictures are gorgeous. Food photography not so easy, even though Deborah might think so lol.

    Anyway, cant wait to see your really fantastic eclectic recipes- like the mango and avocado chutney over red snapper!!!!!

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