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I’ve been happily working on various bread recipes, and make them as I dream them up. (It is truly a labor of  love). I’ve been taking in as much as is humanly possible, or as much as my brain will allow me to, in the last few weeks as I can — it has been a joy I tell you. It’s beyond any expectation I had of getting it right, this early on in the phase.

These two mixed dried fruit and mixed nut loaves were borne out of an idea someone hinted at a few days ago. I’m very happy that she did, as these two loaves turned out amazing if I may say so. The bad part or unhappy ending to this story, is, I didn’t keep either of them. I actually gave them away. I know right?! Weird and it sucks too, but I made a promise and I kept it (more like a commitment). I wish I’d kept one, but anyhow, it’s part of the process of making someone else happy — sometimes at your own expense. I think they call that altruism! Yeah, that’s me, Angel the altruist. Argh! Now now, I’m not really upset honestly, but I do wish I had a piece of  either of these loaves to go with my bedtime tea right now. (After I’m done writing this bit of text).

The good part or happy ending to the story, is that I have a loaf proofing right now as we speak for myself. The bad part, is that it still needs another stretch and fold before bed (and it won’t be ready till tomorrow). After which, I will place the dough into the fridge to continue its bulk fermentation quietly and overnight. (Sleep my beautiful loaf).

I can finally sleep alas, and dream of the many wonderful bread loaves to come –soon. Cheers for now, and sweet dreams y’all.