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I think we can all agree, that today, was either a miserable day or a beautiful one. But of course, that depends on which side of the coin you prefer — heads or tail (I prefer to look through rose colored glasses). Thursday started out rather uneventful, in spite of the snow and all (No! I didn’t have to shovel snow or dig a car out I don’t own), so I decided it would be a good day for baking; although for me, that’s most days. There is nothing I enjoy more than baking great bread (It’s my raison d’etre lately). There is something soothing and just perhaps, metaphysical about the process, that I find both attractive and alluring. When you think about all the crap going on in the world, this is a great way to (for me) to relax and escape all the b..s..!

In recent days, I find myself day dreaming of  bread — a lot. Well, not about eating it, but rather, making it (therein lies the joy!). However, not being one to sit back and rest on recent laurels, I inevitably delve further deeper into the science and  machinations of it. (Bread leavening | proofing and all the various incarnations of bread making; ciabatta being my newest exploration).

Having had great success baking other breads like: country sourdough boules, I decided to tackle a sourdough ciabatta. I think they turned out quite remarkable for a first time attempt at baking a couple of loaves. It is fast becoming my new favorite bread. It has the perfect chew and crumb, and just the right amount of crust — making it perfect for breakfast with a genuine slather of butter avec une café con leche. I wish I could share the experience with some of you, but hey, that would make me one hungry boy. Any how, here is the result.