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Not long ago in the hood, my hood, I discovered an amazing little pizza shop. It was called La Nonna. It was the very best Bedford Avenue pizza, and without question, the very best pizza from here to south of Spring street. Miraculously, they managed to coax uber flavors, from their basic tomato based sauce and wonderfully thin crust slice. Sadly, they are gone now and I am disappointed to say the least. After learning of their demise and hasty closure, I decided to take pizza matters into my own hands. So what’s a pizza lover like me to do, without their favorite pizza shop you ask?! Make home made pizza and figure out ways to make it exciting and fresh (and maybe jazz it up a bit too).

So that’s what I set out to do with this superb little pizza I came up with, that is finished with the very finest Villa Manodori, Aceto Balsamico Di Modena. Short of being somewhere on the Naple strip in Italy, I have found a winner right in my very own kitchen. I didn’t want to use the quintessential red tomato based sauce for this recipe, so I came up with a tomatillo salsa that is the absolute perfect balance of flavor and acidity for the fresh slices of bosc pear and sweet basil harvested from my kitchen counter green house. LOL! It’s really just a quart container with fresh basil, with their stems cut off  just above the roots and placed in about an inch of water (basil leaves are covered with a zip lock bag, to create a mini green-house). Keep this set up on your counter top, and do not refrigerate.