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So, yesterday I got this text from my neighbor, Margarette Garland, telling me that I need to eat meat (red meat). What struck me ass odd, is that she happens to be a vegetarian. (Altruism has no face or shape). Oh wait, she does have a face and her name is MG. The follow up to that text was that she purchased a gorgeous piece of beef chuck, from the local butcher. She was so keen on making sure that I ate beef for some odd and strange reason. Reasons only she knows. She also included a wonderful assortment of root vegetables, and aromatics, along with brussels sprouts, red bliss potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic and lastly, this gorgeous acorn squash. We got down to business, prepping and getting this pot roast in the oven in no time flat. I also took the time to photograph every step of the process, and also found the time in between, to give Margarette a knife skill lesson, cutting onions.

In addition I discovered some rainbow carrots in the crisper portion of my refrigerator and decided to cook those along with the roast. They are so beautiful representing just the right colors of the spectrum, needed to make the pictures pop; also, flavor and texture. The roast was braised in Żywiec Beer, from Poland. I first pan roasted the meat in extra virgin olive oil, kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper, to develop a crust and brown the meat. No color no flavor!  The mira-poix, and other aromatics were sauteed and the pot (Le Creuset dutch oven) deglazed with beer, to harvest all of those beautiful flavors that develop during the caramelization of the meat proteins and natural sugars that are released during the process. A bouquet garni, was also included with the aromatics of: laurel leaves, black pepper corns, fresh thyme, and dry rosemary.

Żywiec Beer, is a staple in my fridge and my go to beer for price and flavor. Well worth it! Part of the recipe came from Margarette’s mom, but of course, I had to chef out with her and make this recipe along side her, to lend my skills to the process (it’s my OCD). It is every bit as delicious as it looks. In fact, I’m having a second helping right now, or is it my third?! Yummy!