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It is late on a Wednesday night, when suddenly and without warning (soon after arriving from work), I get this insatiable urge, for homemade pasta. (No! I don’t smoke weed). I could barely keep my eyes open, let alone start rolling out dough, but roll out dough I did and this is the result. (The case of satiating an untenable and beguiling, pasta craving!).

I don’t own a pasta machine or fancy Kitchen Aid, with pasta attachment, (not yet anyway!), but found the creative energy to satisfy my urge and indulge my taste buds in a simple yet decadent handmade pasta. The ingredients are a staple in my kitchen, and so, they should be in yours too. All purpose unbleached flour, eggs, extra virgin olive oil, and kosher salt. That was all it took to make this delicious pasta, albeit, and some common household kitchen accessories: cutting board, chef knife and bench scraper.