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So I’m not exactly what you would call an advocate of organic foods, mainly because they are very expensive to buy and shop for. If however, I did have my druthers, I would buy only organic. Albeit though, in this instance I did manage to shop exclusively for all organic products, including the flour that I used to make the dough with and butter. Oh and lets not leave out the eggs too. 🙂 All manner of organic ingredients, were taken into account and considered for this amazing and brilliant little tart quiche, that I made especially for my very dear and good friend, Margarette Garland. (It is without question the best quiche I have ever had). The inspiration for the ingredients, was dictated by market price and the freshness of the product too. For this all vegetarian quiche, I used farm fresh organic goat cheese, lacinato kale, asparagus, organic eggs, whole milk, and double cream.