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Pizza dough_web

Pizza dough 2_web

So what do you get when you are exhausted beyond words can describe?! Really and truly I am. You get dough, dough and more dough: that’s right! I knead dough!! It’s amazing what a small and tiny little voice in the back of your head and mind, can do for you. It’s called impetus I guess. At any rate, that small impetus to make dough, defined an evening of refinement for me in terms of technique and harnessing those infinitesimal details that can get away from you (me), in understanding the complete process (gestalt premise). Here I show off four different dough’s and what it takes to make them and the obvious difference (or not), to perfect them in my kitchen and the delicate science behind it. The last shot is of resting and proofing pizza dough. And finally the second rise of the pizza dough, after resting it over night in the fridge. All in a nights work! Some folk’s need a drink, while others need a fix of some elicit drug, whilst I Knead Dough!