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Lovely home made pizza is easy as pie, and where it’s at these days. With one cup of flour, you can make a 12 inch pie in no time, along with fresh mozzarella and fresh basil; and of course, a fresh tomato sauce made from San Marzano tomatoes. The kids love it, I love it, and most adults do too. And the best part about it, is, you don’t need any special equipment to make it. Just some basic gear. A sheet pan (jelly roll pan or cookie sheet), a large mixing bowl, a chef knife, and a hot oven set to broil. So get ready to make some of the easiest dough and pizza right in your very own kitchen. I say, make dough not war! Have fun watching the super bowl and make some kick ass pizza for your guest, or hey, if you feel lazy, order in and try this one soon. will continue recipe soon