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Spicey Red Pepper Rice_web

So since I have nothing but time on my hand lately, I decided to finally do some catching up on my blog. This recipe was borne out of, the result of occasionally, having too much food or product that you would not ordinarily use or incorporate into your dish. (I didn’t want these peppers to go to waste). At any rate, this recipe is one that I resurrected this past weekend as a side dish for some guest. It is every bit as spicy as the title implies, so if you’re not inclined to eating spicy foods, this one is not for you. If however, you are so inclined, then this one is a keeper and a winner in my book. Enjoy it with a piece of roast chicken or pan roasted pork chops and you will be licking your fingers for sure. One caveat, have an ice cold beer at the ready, as this dish is sure to get you sweating and hot under the collar.