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Butcher blocks, butcher boards, and wooden cutting boards, all demand and depend on two qualities: dependability and durability. Without these two assets, cutting boards or blocks, are not worth their weight in wood-grain. I love the look and feel of wood boards, over plastic and other types of boards, including the popular bamboo type. For me, there is nothing like the feel of cutting and prepping my mis-en-plas, on a pure wooden surface. Don’t get me wrong, plastic cutting boards do have their place in the culinary environment, and I do rely and use one regularly, when prepping poultry, fish and other meats and will only use my plastic board for just such a purpose. (Dedicated boards for produce and animal proteins are imperative and the rule and law of the professional kitchen). A great knife, is also an important piece of equipment or hardware, I cannot be without, whether at home or in a professional kitchen. I work with and use, a Yoshiro Hammered Damascus Gyuto 8 inch chef knife. I love the feel, weight and balance of this knife and also, the reliable sharpness this knife possesses, right out of the box. For other times when working in kitchens where I am not familiar with the brigade, I will employ my 8 inch Henckel carbon steel chef knife.