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As a child I was privy to some of the most wonderful and delicious treats, according to my taste buds: Doughnuts! Oh, but not just any doughnut, they were my grandfathers doughnuts. And they were by far the most outrageously delicious doughnuts till this very day, I have ever tasted. Who knew however, that someday I would actually find the recipe and be able to duplicate these very doughnuts right in my very own kitchen, with no adaptation needed to either the recipe, or equipment. They are for me at least, the perfect little yeast doughnut ever. (A perfect gem!) I recall sometime in the mid 1970’s, circa 1975-1976, discovering my father channeling his inner youth, as a young pastry-chef, while working for my grandfather, in Agua Buena Puerto Rico. My dad was busy at work frying doughnuts in the downstairs kitchen of our then duplex. The place was 100 Sunnyside Avenue, in East New York Brooklyn. (What a pleasant surprise!) There is nothing like the sweet aroma of frying doughnuts in the morning. The waft of frying doughnuts woke me from my sleep. I was glad I was not dreaming and hastily, made my way to the kitchen, where my father treated me to some freshly made, sugar coated warm doughnuts. Thanks pop! And in spite of everything, I still love you. RIP!