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Blueberry tart slice

Friends friends friends, good ones that is! What will or can I do without them?! Actually, not much. I love them and I appreciate them so very much, that when it comes time for me to entertain them in my humble home, I love to make for them some of my favorite creations (not sure this best describes what I mean to say). However, food in my opinion, is an amazing vehicle and means to a great evening with some of my favorite people, and serving up simple and rustic home cooked dishes is the best way I know, to show them how much I appreciate them. Here is one of my favorite little tartes. I made this little tarte for some guest the other night, for the first time and it was a huge hit. Finger licking good great! Can’t wait to make another. The trick to this little tarte, is to make the dough a day or two in advance to allow the gluten strands to relax, making for a flaky crust. Here is how it’s done!