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When I received my wok recently as a gift from my aunt, I didn’t know or think that I would be making so many amazing dishes so soon. I thought for sure, that at best I’d make a few stir fries and that would be it. However, I should’ve known better. Once I get into something, it’s all or nothing. I’m committed to mastering it, or getting at least close to it. I’m having a blast working with the All Clad Wok. It’s my new favorite kitchen tool and I can’t seem to get enough use out of it. I Just made this dish today for an early dinner, late lunch, and I already have another dish I’d like to try in the works, sometime later this week. Today I made chicken with orange flavor with added sesame seeds for texture and extra flavor. It was amazing in all aspects. It took some work to get the mis en plas together, plus shooting the pictures, but it was a blast to make.