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Sea bass coconut milk_0001

This time of year, summer that is, is an amazing time for eating fish, especially when you get it for gratis. My good friend Deborah Altizio, happens to be dating an amazing fisherman and luckily for me, I’ve had the good fortune to receive some of the finest and freshest fish, I’ve ever had at any time in my life. Haha! It’s been amazing creating different dishes I would not ordinarily make had I not received the quality fish I have this summer, 2014. Thanks Dan for making it happen. Can’t wait for the next catch. The one thing I didn’t do just before plating this dish, was to strain off the aromatics from the broth. So to me, the picture is not great, however the taste and quality of the dish was superb. It had the right amount of seasoning and coconut milk and aromatics to compliment the dish and especially the fish. I felt I was losing the light and had to get the shot, otherwise it would’ve been a total loss, photography wise. Next time I will breath and get it right.