sweett potato pancake_web

There are somethings I can live without, but pancakes is not one of them. Ever since I can remember, I have always had a love affair with pancakes bordering on obsession. For several years now, and I do mean years, I’ve been searching for the perfect batter and I have finally arrived at the perfect batter that does not and will not disappoint. I made these again tonight for dinner, yes, dinner, and they were as decadent, fluffy and light as the first time I made them. I have played with all manners of batters and have had very inconsistent results, from chewy and tough, to dry and crumbly. Well, today I will share this most amazing and simple of batters with roasted sweet potato, that can be substituted for pumpkin squash if you prefer. But why would you?! I am a avid believer in the health benefits of sweet potato and love having them a couple times a week if possible. Here is my recipe and take on the perfect pancake.