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So my time at Manzo’s is winding down and I can’t wait to get on to a new chapter in my life. I felt for a very long time at Manzo, like I was stuck on page one. But that’s another story. At any rate, before I left work last night, I had a chance to chat briefly with one of the sous chefs Gerrard, and ask how the Brussels sprouts were prepared. His reply was they are blanched and roasted and drizzled with an agrodolce sauce, made with vinegar and honey. Brilliant! I knew then I had to make these for dinner, albeit late, as is customary for me, so I was not overly concerned. Well as it turns, I actually finished making dinner last night at 2:30 AM. But oh! it was so worth the wait and honestly, who’s keeping time?! I made this delicious roasted Brussels sprouts with this amazingly simple and quick agrodolce sauce, that I put together with a few simple ingredients I keep in the pantry. It made this dish that much more incredible. Thanks to my sous chef for the great idea and tip. For those of you that don’t know, an agrodolce is a sweet and sour sauce that is made by combining an acid, like vinegar and sugar. I used honey and balsamic vinegar for my recipe, and it was just so damn good, finished with a bit of salt and pepper while cooking or reducing to a thick syrup like consistency. The French call this a “gastrique”, pronounced “gas-treek”.  I enjoyed these with a fillet mignon and roasted yukon golds. It doesn’t get any better than this after a long day at work. Cheers!

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