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So today I was able to stay home and make some lunch for my self and enjoy an easy day with a tasty burger, and the best part, the caramelized onions. They are the sweetest onions you will ever taste, with just a hint of spiciness. It’s not a burger for me without this easy to make condiment. Oh and the fries, these too, have to be prepared just right (twice fried) or it just isn’t a burger without them (better than a diner burger anytime!). Oh and yes, for those of you that are paying close attention, you guessed right, that is a couple of slices of toasted white bread (toasted one side only), that I toasted in the oven on a baking tray (jelly roll tray) while the burger was finishing up in the oven @ 400 degrees, to a perfect medium for my taste. Why medium?! well this isn’t your best grass-fed sirloin slash chuck. It’s Food Town quality, and while not bad, I’d still cook it just a tad longer just in case. All that said, this cooking adventure as it sometimes feels like, started with the burger but it soon became evident that the onion marmalade was the star of the show (quintessentially the show stealer). It’s so easy to make and with just a few ingredients you will have the best onions you will ever have. And if you don’t believe me come on over to my house. Well, just kidding about that part! Here’s how you make it.


1 medium-large Spanish or red onion

1 tbs dark brown sugar

1 tsp honey (optional but oh so good)

1/2 tsp kosher salt

1/4 tsp fresh cracked pepper

1 tbs Worcestershire sauce

2 tbs balsamic vinegar

2 tbs olive oil

1/2 tsp red chili flakes


When you prepare this simple and delicious condiment or marmalade, you can double this recipe to make as much as you like, or halve it, to make as little as you like – as with most recipes; you know. When I prepare most dishes like most cooks, I don’t really measure but feel the ingredients and allow the feeling to speak as I prepare a dish, so taste as you cook to understand the amounts and the flavors you are looking for. It’s imperative that you do this to understand ingredients and how they work together (synergy). Cut the onion in half, and peel the paper or skin of the onion. Leave the root on while cutting. Now turn the onion on the cut side and cut into half moons. Separate the pieces before cooking or separate once in the skillet. Heat a skillet with about 2 tbs of olive oil. Bring to temperature and add the onion slices. Salt and pepper and allow to brown some before turning or mixing. Watch so that they do not burn. Some darkish areas or browning will inevitably, take place and this is good. This is flavor commonly called fond, but more technically called sucs by the French, and is important to the development of the dish. (Without it it just won’t work). Once you have some browning, add the rest of the ingredients, starting with the vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, chili flakes and brown sugar. Also, you should have a bit of water on hand for deglazing if there is too much sucs stuck to the bottom of the pan. You need to deglaze to incorporate this flavor and rehydrate the onions and bring the dish together. Now we’re cooking and getting somewhere. This whole process by the way, will take about 20 minutes from start to finish, not counting the prep to complete. You are looking for white onions to completely take on a super dark brown to almost black color, for there to be any real flavor and the only way to achieve this end, is to let them cook down. If you need to, add a bit more water a little at a time to deglaze. A few table spoons will do. Scrape the bottom of the pan with a wooden spatula, to remove all of the amazing flavor from the bottom of the pan or skillet. That’s it. Serve immediately, or place in a small bowl or ramekin and serve when your burgers are ready for your guest. It’s that simple! Enjoy! 🙂