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So with this picture or short story, I wanted to illustrate not so much as a foodie, or cook, but as a photographer, that there is beauty not just in all things living, but in subjects near or past their expiration date. In this case, I wanted to show off some of these little ingredients that didn’t make it into my dishes, for various reasons. Probably not interesting enough to mention here, so I’ll refrain from making something up. Mostly because I can’t think of anything at the moment or time of writing this late hour. At any rate, I had to post this shot, as I find the colors just amazing and interesting and didn’t think that this picture warranted just living inside some folder, never to be seen. The picture includes: lemons, limes, baby new potatoes, Peruvian purple potatoes and watermelon radishes. So that’s it! I shot this in my kitchen using window light, and my Nikon D3, probably pushed the sensor to something like 2000 ISO, and used my trusty, but old 35-105 Af D lens with a macro setting. The f/stop was somewhere @ f 8. It still does the job for me, when shooting this type of picture with great results every time.