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So once again, I felt the urge to shoot some pictures and knew just where I had to travel to satiate that need. The Union Square Farmer’s Market. (What a fun place). I was so excited upon arriving at the market and seeing all of the gorgeous fresh organic produce. There was quite a bit of color and the light could not have been more perfect. The buzz around the market was incredible, making the trip so worth it for me. I had my trusty Nikon D3 well in hand and got right to work the minute I arrived, capturing some amazing raw food in all their splendor and color. It was such a blast for me,  not just as a self professed foodie, but also as a photographer. The blog has given me such an outlet and something to look forward to each and every waking day since starting this journey and project a few weeks ago. I was truly hoping to get the pictures up on the blog the actual day of, however such was not the case and hence had to post a day late. S… happens I guess. Argh! I look forward to posting more pictures of this exciting project slash journey and featuring more of the amazing kaleidoscope of wonderful food. To be continued. Cheers!