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Well the last few post have been more of a photographic essay (and loving it!), based on my results or the results of the last two days of shooting. (Being a photographer for the past two decades does have its benefits). I was out last night with Kato (KK), my beloved Staffy, and we were sitting by a park picnic bench, while KK rested a top of the table pictured here last night in the dark, when it suddenly dawned on me that this would be the perfect place to shoot. Old wood and darkness were my muse (Oh boy!). I also give credit to my very good friend, Robert Smith of Daddy O Media, for inspiring me to take the pictures to the outdoors. Well, I didn’t have to travel very far for these. I’m loving the brilliant autumnal light and the location felt right and the food looked absolutely amazing against this backdrop. The table was perfectly weathered and patina’d. I love this job! Now if only someone would hire me to shoot their next cook book, life would be perfect. I forgot to mention that these will be roasted tomorrow night for dinner along with a roast chicken and other aromatics to accompany.