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Quite simply the best apple corer out there bar none! I just about fell in love with this little gadget, upon first trying it out. It’s just so adept at doing what it is purported to do best and that is, core bloody apples; and man does it deliver. (Threw bloody in there for effect! No I’m not English). There is just no other gadget out there man made or otherwise, that can do what this little guy can, in mere seconds of your valuable cooking time. Come on lets face it! Haven’t you ever felt the angst of that forever daunting feeling that you won’t have time to finish prepping your meal, especially when cooking for a client, all because of the knowledge that you have yet to bake them a bloody apple pie, as promised ?! Well, don’t answer that one if you mustn’t. I know I have. At any rate I’ve touted the merit enough on this one, run out and get one for your self if you don’t believe me and try one out. They’re reasonably cheap to buy and will only set you back about 10 dollars, at Whisk Brooklyn. Now that’s a bargain. Cheers!