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Tarte Fine Aux Pommes or Apple Tart Fine, is one of the most wonderful deserts I’ve ever made. Impressive looking and yet so simple. It was a no brain-er when I was text earlier by my good friend and neighbor, to check outside my door for some goodies she’d left me. Well, when I took a look inside the goodie bag at the Cortland apples, I knew immediately what I was going to be preparing. So one of the first things I did, once I was through photographing the apples, was to go out and purchase an apple corer, by “Cuisipro” at Whisk Brooklyn. (An apple corer by any other name is just a waste of cash). Now this I have to tell you is the absolute best apple corer, I’ve ever used (don’t waste your money on any other brand!), available at Whisk or online. The Tart is a Gordan Ramsay inspired creation!