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This recipe is inspired by chef Gordan Ramsay. I have to say that there is no better way to prepare scrambled egg’s. The egg’s: 3 total in this case, along with the butter are placed cold into a 2 qt sauté pot or sauce pot, and slowly brought up to heat, while vigorously whisking with a spatula. There is no better way to prepare these egg’s than this way. A spatula is a must! The egg’s are periodically taken off the heat and then placed back on the heat, till they are silky smooth. A little whole cream (about 2 tbs) is added to the egg’s during the cooking process to cool the egg’s down and prevent them from over cooking. Salt and pepper is added just before serving while the egg’s are still in the pan. They are then finished with a little sea salt or kosher salt and served with the most amazing “fondant potatoes”. This is my new favorite brunch at home menu with a delicious and freshly made cafe con leche!