Chicken Orange Flavor with Sesame


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When I received my wok recently as a gift from my aunt, I didn’t know or think that I would be making so many amazing dishes so soon. I thought for sure, that at best I’d make a few stir fries and that would be it. However, I should’ve known better. Once I get into something, it’s all or nothing. I’m committed to mastering it, or getting at least close to it. I’m having a blast working with the All Clad Wok. It’s my new favorite kitchen tool and I can’t seem to get enough use out of it. I Just made this dish today for an early dinner, late lunch, and I already have another dish I’d like to try in the works, sometime later this week. Today I made chicken with orange flavor with added sesame seeds for texture and extra flavor. It was amazing in all aspects. It took some work to get the mis en plas together, plus shooting the pictures, but it was a blast to make.

Lime Cake Loaf


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My Raymond Le Blanc inspired Lime Cake Loaf, does away with the usual pound cake ingredients of 1lb of butter and equal parts flour, eggs and sugar. Here is a simple and yet delicious tangy lime cake, I just made and finished with a lime glaze. Simple and delicious. It makes use of some every day pantry ingredients and elevates this cake to a much loftier height. I enjoyed a slice with fresh from the garden peppermint leaf tea, from Kristy Rock’s garden. I think you’ll agree, it’s the perfect way to end a great meal. Serve this after dinner to your guest with a cup of tea or a great cup of coffee and I’m sure they’ll be very impressed.


Lime Cake Loaf:

240 g all purpose flour

½ tsp baking powder

300 g white sugar

5 whole eggs

3 limes (juice and zest)

140 g of butter milk

80 g melted butter

½ tsp salt


Combine all the wet ingredients and whisk thoroughly to combine. Combine the dry ingredients and add the wet ingredients to the dry and whisk to combine. Add the batter to a buttered (greased) loaf pan, lined with parchment paper. If you don’t have parchment paper, you can butter and lightly coat the pan with flour, shaking out any excess. Bake for 50-60 minutes @ 180 Celsius = 356 degrees F. Glaze the cake with warmed apricot jam, using a pastry brush, (optional). For the lime icing (glaze), combine the zest and juice of 1 lime, and 2 cups icing sugar, cooked over low heat to dissolve and combine, whisking with a small spoon or whisk. Allow the cake to cool before icing. Use a pastry brush to evenly coat the top and sides of the cake. Done!

Beef Orange Flavor with Broccoli


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Beef orange flavor_0002_web


Beef Orange Flavor, is my all time favorite Chinese dish. Well, its western incarnation albeit. I was day dreaming with this dish for the last few days, so thought why not make it and see how it turns out. It was so so good and just as I remember it being, from my favorite Chinese restaurants, that sadly, no longer exist. So needless to say, this is one of those dishes that is not only difficult to find, but also nostalgic and has a special place in my heart. It had to have all of the flavor profiles my palate remembers. Simply served with a bowl of steamy white rice it is absolutely divine. This satisfied all of my craving and then some. Glad I took a chance on it. Again titi, thanks for the wok! 

Sea Bass Curry Coconut Broth


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Sea bass coconut milk_0001

This time of year, summer that is, is an amazing time for eating fish, especially when you get it for gratis. My good friend Deborah Altizio, happens to be dating an amazing fisherman and luckily for me, I’ve had the good fortune to receive some of the finest and freshest fish, I’ve ever had at any time in my life. Haha! It’s been amazing creating different dishes I would not ordinarily make had I not received the quality fish I have this summer, 2014. Thanks Dan for making it happen. Can’t wait for the next catch. The one thing I didn’t do just before plating this dish, was to strain off the aromatics from the broth. So to me, the picture is not great, however the taste and quality of the dish was superb. It had the right amount of seasoning and coconut milk and aromatics to compliment the dish and especially the fish. I felt I was losing the light and had to get the shot, otherwise it would’ve been a total loss, photography wise. Next time I will breath and get it right.

Sticky Spicy Chicken Wings


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Spicy chicken wings_0001_web

Spicy chicken wings_0002_web

What I’ve learned during my culinary adventure, is that all things are equal in the kitchen, no matter how complex or simple. Food is food, and the end result of a great dish is how all the ingredients are treated, no matter how big or small. Sometimes, simple is best.

Eggplant In Spicy Garlic Sauce


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Eggplant Garlic Sauce_0001_web

How sweet the sound and taste of this amazing little dish, that some would never think to make for them selves. Sometimes these small and simple dishes can make all of the difference in ones day; it did for me. This one truly made me feel happy. It was everything I hoped it would be in a small package, wrapped in a simple yet complex sweet sauce, fraught with a huge amount of depth of flavor. Eggplant with spicy garlic sauce, is one of my all time favorite dishes to have with a simple bowl of white rice. This recipe did not disappoint.

Fragrant Fried Rice with Lamb Sausage, Basil and Fried Egg


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Fragrant fried rice_0001_web

When it’s hot out and you’re not feeling like going out for lunch and spending on a lame uninspired lunch, sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands and use what you got. Here is my product. It’s amazing what you can do with a little ingenuity and inspiration. Fragrant lamb rice with basil and a crispy fried egg. Delicious!

Fried Eggs in Foamy Butter with Nutmeg


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Fried Eggs_0001_web

Fried Eggs_0002_web

Fried eggs bring me back to my childhood like no other breakfast meal does. They are simple and delicious if cooked or prepared right, and are cheap and almost always available. I enjoy them with a great piece of baguette, or over a delicious bacon burger. Or one of my favorite ways to enjoy eggs, served with crispy fries or thrice cooked chips as they are called in the UK.

Black Sea Bass Fish and Chips


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Fish and chips_0004_webFish and chips_0002_web

So I had a couple of pieces of this amazing black sea bass left over, that was cut into long strips. I had the perfect recipe for it and knew instantly when I was presented with this amazing ocean gift, what I would make. Crispy tempura battered black sea bass, with crispy thrice cooked russet potato chips. It’s the most amazing lunch one can cook for ones self or someone special. I cooked up a bit extra and shared it with my little guy, Kato. We were both licking our chops after this one. I enjoyed the chips with ketchup, however, more classically, the chips are enjoyed with malt vinegar. I didn’t have any, so ketchup was the perfect accompaniment for me and my taste. What can I say, I’m American, it’s how we roll.

Coconut Jasmine Rice Pilaf with Peanuts and Almonds


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Nutty coconut rice_0001_web

So I had one last piece of  Sea Bass left and I didn’t really have anything to go with it, so I came up with this amazingly simple and delicious nutty coconut jasmine rice. I had a bag of trek mix with almonds, peanuts, dried raspberries and Belgian chocolates. I removed the chocolates and kept the rest of it and created this simple and delicious, nutty coconut rice as the bed for the fish. I sauteed the rice in a bit of olive oil, and a small nob of butter, salt and pepper, just to give it some color and that richness of the toasted rice which also brings out the nuttiness. I added the nuts and also sauteed those off for about a minute then added some water just below the top of the rice and added in some lite coconut milk, checked the seasoning and adjusted it, reduced and covered and cooked for about 20 minutes. I made a Thai inspired sea bass, poached in aromatics and coconut milk. The result was outstanding and the perfect marriage of flavors and textures. Try this one.


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